Delightful Bharata Natyam Recital - "Aparna, a disciple of noted Guru Smt. Sucheta Chapekar, gave a delightful Bharata Natyam recital.  Her Abhinaya patterns were very appealing with crisp interwoven pure dance patterns.  Her Nritta and Natya were aesthetically pleasing and fusing gracefully".
SAKAL (Mumbai Edition):
Nritya Ganga by Aparna - "Aparna, one of the senior most disciples of Guru Sucheta Chapekar, presented a full recital of Nritya Ganga which is Sucheta's brain child.  Aparna will indeed carry on Sucheta's good work for years to come.  Blending of dance with music was done with great finesse without disturbing the purity of either".
Graceful Dancer - "Stylistic beauty in adavus and hastas, good line of symmetry, sculputre like body movements, authentic stances made Aparna's recital very graceful.  Her freshness in recital and technique in presentation made a good impression on the audience".
Enthralling Dancer - "Aparna revealed choreographic insight in presenting fresh compositions.  She was in correct form, right from the start and was fully involved in conveying each and every nuance of the composition.  She was equally felicitous in vibrant, joyous Nritta set to crisp jati's".
A Promising Artist - "A petite beauty full of verve and vigor, Aparna presented an intense well delineated Abhinaya throughout which ran an vein of infectious smile.  Following her Guru's footsteps, she has set her Bharata Natyam compositions to Hindustani music.  Her Abhinaya presentation was very realistic and down to earth which shows signs of a very promising and a great artist". 
Mesmerizing Performance - " Audience was fortunate to witness a graceful Bharata Natyam presenation by Aparna.  Petite and young dancer from Bombay shows very high Abhinaya and pure dance qualities that will make her Guru proud".
Special performance at the London Maharashtra Mandal - "About 250-300 members attending the function were captivated by the special performance of Aparna.  Her grace, stylistic beauty and her expressions were beyond words.  She not only presented the compositions with grace but also explained and narrated each and every one for the audience to comprehend".
Bharata Natyam on Marathi Compositions - "Aparna was fortunate to perform Bharata Natyam in Malgund, Ratnagiri on the auspicious occassion of Ramnavami and Hanuman Jayanthi Utsav.  Malgund being her father's home town, holds a special place in her heart.  Indeed it was a very spiritual experience not just for Aparna but for the entire audience who came to see her perform.  Aparna performed selective Marathi compositions composed by King Sarfoji Bhosale of Tanjavur".
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